9to5Chic. This is my way of expressing personal style at work (formerly in the more conservative medical device field, now in tourism & travel). But it wouldn’t be a personal style diary unless I shared some fun weekend outfits when I’m off the clock too. If it were true to it’s name, this little blog would be 8-to-8 Chic. But that just doesn’t have as nice of a ring, does it?

Let’s get down to the basics:

Name: Anh (pronounced: on).

Location: San Francisco, California.

Nine to Five: Marketing.

About Me: Goal-oriented, career-driven, fashion-minded. UC San Diego alum, wife of an OCD cutie, mother to a little girl named Lucia (pronounced: loo-see-ya) and two little puppies. Union Square walker, window shopper, sale afficionado. And last but not least: a major foodie, but a failure in the kitchen. We’re trying to work on that.