15-min Make-up Routine

June 27, 2022

My current 15-minute make-up routine:

  1. This moisturizing cream (a longtime favorite – I like all their versions but this one is probably my favorite)
  2. Sunscreen every single day (their glowy version is really popular but I still stand by this version)
  3. Medium coverage foundation
  4. Concealer for my (worsening) under eye circles (that newborn life! I’ve been using this on and off for many years. I love that the newer formulation now includes spf!)
  5. Eyebrows with this
  6. Quick contour with this
  7. Blush with either this or this (#11)
  8. Eyeliner and mascara

On days where I can’t spare the full 15 minutes, I skip the final step. And lipstick is applied on the way out the door.

Hope you have a great start to your week!


Blouse (here)
Skirt (here)
Heels (here)
Heels (here and here)
Necklace (here)