April 8, 2022

Good morning and happy Friday! I recently completed two four-hour iron IV infusions to address my iron-deficiency anemia and feel SO MUCH BETTER. I assumed my extreme exhaustion was related to 3rd trimester changes! Another change in symptom? I can get blood from a finger prick now for my gestational diabetes! For weeks I got nothing! And now I feel validated that I wasn’t “doing it wrong.” So relieved and feeling much better prepared for labor.

Spending this weekend with my feet up and resting – hope you have a great one!


Trench (old by Bottega Veneta; other statement trenchcoat styles that caught my eye: herehere and here)
Skirt (old by Polo Ralph Lauren; similar style here for 70% off)
Suede pumps (super comfortable! here)
Bag (here)