February 22, 2021

Good morning and happy Monday!

Prioritizing sleep is, still, a work in progress. Lately, I’ve found myself waking up at 4am for no reason at all – and unable to fall asleep again until 5am or later. There are a few things in my “toolkit” that have been helping, and I’ve found that rotating through one or more of these each night can make a difference:

  • Magnesium (I use this powder): I use half the recommended amount in a very small amount of hot water before bed
  • A weighted blanket (like this one)
  • Meditation: I use Headspace and recommend starting on the Basics 1 Course. I do it while laying in bed (and going right to bed afterwards) – there are times that I’ve fallen asleep within the first few minutes!!! Maybe not ideal for meditation’s sake but it works and I’m sticking with it!
  • An eye mask: the ones I’ve been using for years are by this etsy seller.

Here’s to better sleep!!! 🙂


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