Ruffles & Cableknit

January 6, 2021


School is back in session (online) and we’re getting back into a bit of a routine. Now would be a good time to establish a new habit, before those routines are on cruise control. I’d love to finally try yoga and make that my new habit (at home of course). So before the week is over, I’m hoping I’ll have tried it at least once in this makeshift home set-up. Where even to set up? What time of day to be most effective? What online class to try first? All of these things need sorting, and to be honest it’s the “sorting” that has already delayed this start for months.

No more procrastinating!

Let’s see if I can get this habit going.

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re safe and healthy, and thanks for stopping by!


Sweater ($69 here)
Pant (on sale here)
Bag (here)
Heels (found the same style in stock here! The color is a little lighter than mine; or similar here)