March 13, 2019

 Our Spring organization at home is in full swing: we recently placed an order to completely re-do our entryway closet (using this), I’m working through my seasonal clothing re-org (I sell any designer items I’m ready to let go of here), and Lucia’s toy bins are up next. De-cluttering and re-organizing can be grueling but it’s always highly rewarding work.

Hope you’re having a great week and thanks for stopping by!


Blouse (on sale for $22 here)
Pants ($28 here)
Heels (here | also in lower heel height here)
Bag (found another black one like mine on consignment here!)

Foundation (here)
Blush (here and then a light dusting of this one here)
Highlighter (here in fort de france)
Concealer (here)
Eyebrows (here)
Mascara (here)
Eyeliner (here)
Lips (here in #23)