February 13, 2019

 Little known fact: while I drive I’m listening to one of two channels: classical music or NPR. When Lucia’s in the car with me, the default is always classical music.

I’ve always loved classical music (maybe influenced by my time figure skating and doing ballet to support my training) but in my 20s, I forgot all about it. Rediscovered it in my 30s and it’s one of my “self-care” secrets. Calm, soothing and relaxing – even if it’s a just during a quick drive to run an errand.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!!


Coat (swearing size 36, here)
Blouse (wearing size 36, here)
Trousers (old from here | similar style here)
Heels (here and lower heeled version here)
Purse (here)
Bracelet (here)