September 14, 2018

 Good morning and happy Friday!! This week has been (rightfully) non-stop work, aka the post-vacation avalanche of a million “things that need to be done.” A few weeks from now though, this crazy week will have been forgotten and I’ll be looking to plan ahead for our next vacation. Is there a name for that? Post-vacation work amnesia?

Hope you had a wonderful week! Back tomorrow with another outfit post!


Trousers (one of my all-time favorite trousers styles in both cut and fabric! I have this in all the basic neutrals. now on sale here)
Blouse (on sale for $48 here)
Scarf (40% off here)
Heels (here | This is going to be my go-to color for Fall, much like my white pair was for summer. found this pair for less in a shorter heel, or this pair for less in a similar high heel)
Purse (found another one on consignment here)