January 3, 2018

 Good morning! It’s my second post of the new year and probably as good a time as any to start thinking about a few personal goals for the year. Cliche, yes – but it can’t hurt, right? Though there is so much to be thankful for, 2017 was not my favorite year. Got rear-ended twice (once with Lucia in the car); health scares on both sides of family; said goodbye to two of my grandparents; a miscarriage (that one I will try to get into a little down the road…)… it’s safe to say I’m determined to close the door on 2017 and I’m walking into 2018 with a lot of hope and some cautious optimism. So, goal setting (or thinking about goal setting) will start now. I’ll report back soon, ha!

One more thing: I’m so thankful to have this space, this little blog, and even more thankful to you for taking the time to visit. Cheers to 2018!


Jacket (here)
Sweater (here)
Jeans (here | love them so much I also picked up the charcoal version)
Purse (here | another on sale here in black; in gorgeous camel here)
Sneakers (here)
Bracelet (here)