Off the Shoulder

July 25, 2016

rami-brook-off-the-shoulder-top-1rami-brook-off-the-shoulder-top-2rami-brook-off-the-shoulder-top-3¬†Celebrated our wedding anniversary with dinner in the city (a rare night out together without Lucia!) in this off-the-shoulder top. Lucia’s almost three now and we’ve gotten really great at the ‘divide and conquer’ routine: on weekends one of us can go run errands, the other plays with Lucia. Or we are out as a family of three. But a dinner date with just the two of us doesn’t happen as often as it should!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, thanks for visiting!


Off-the-shoulder top Рthanks to Ramy Brook (50% off here | similar styles priced high to low: here, here and here)

Jeans – Current Elliott (here¬†| I’m all about high-rise jeans now, some pairs I’m eyeing: here, here and here)

Heels – Gucci (still available here)

Purse – Givenchy (in black here)

Sunglasses – Fendi (here)

Lips – Shiseido “Burning Up” (here)