White and Gray

December 9, 2014

1 2 3 4 Last year, my husband and I bought Lucia separate holiday gifts so that we could surprise each other (she was, after all, only 5 months old!). Now at 16 months, she loves opening presents, getting mail is her favorite time of day (and she reminds us if we haven’t gotten it yet!), and she loves toys, clothes (and the boxes they came in!) in equal parts. Gift-giving this year is going to be so much fun and I’ve bookmarked some of my favorite baby and toddler gifts at Nordstrom for this holiday season:

  • For play: We chased Lucia around after she got her hands on one of these cute grocery carts – they’re just like the real ones and perfectly sized for toddlers. The only word that can describe the look on her face: glee. So although space is at a premium in our place, I’m trying to make this one happen. (And you can’t have the cart without the fruits and vegetables!) If I had a boy, this would be the toy I’d be trying to make happen.
  • For reading: Like most babies, Lucia took to books early on and her appetite for them hasn’t slowed down. She absolutely loves this book (and it is captivating enough that it became our distraction tool for nail trimming time). She has several versions of the classic “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” but this one is definitely the best one. And finally, I can’t wait for her to be just a little bit older to appreciate the creative genius in this book. It’s a crowd pleaser for all ages.
  • For friends to hug and cuddle: Stuffed animals have been hit or miss for Lucia, and you never really know which one is going to be the favored one. My favorites are here, here, and here. Although for newborns, this one is a must-have and for the city-dwelling family, this one would be so much fun!
  • And because clothing is always fun to gift girls: I love this tee and skirt!

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Shirt – J.Brand (here in a gorgeous new shade!)
Coat – Zara
Jeans – thanks to J.Brand (similar here)
Heels – Manolo Blahnik (here in patent leather)
Watch – thanks to Michele Watches (here)
Sunglasses – Celine
Purse – Celine