Weekend Pleats

June 29, 2011

Silk cropped blouse – Patterson J. Kincaid

Skirt – Zara
Necklaces – courtesy of Albeit and courtesy of OFINA Jewelry
Sandals – J.Crew
Purse – Chanel
Sunglasses – Stella McCartney

A few things:
  • I wore this outfit to watch and cheer on the Pride Parade along Market Street on Sunday.  Good, happy times and our little dogs got so much fun attention!
  • Lots of questions on my recent post regarding this blouse and how I tied it up.  Quite simple, actually!  I tied it (as if you’re starting a knot, but just once) and tightened it as much as I could, then tucked the ends in along the sides. Hope that makes sense…!
  • And another question in yesterday’s post regarding long slacks and changing into flats:  Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution for it… but this is why I love cropped trousers!  I never run into the extra length issue whether I’m wearing heels or flats.  I save long trousers for days I know I won’t mind being in heels all day long.
Looking forward to an extra long 4th of July weekend with 5 days off!  What are your 4th of July plans??