Taking Care of Shoes

June 22, 2011
Although I often mention shopping or wishlisting for shoes (like here, here and here), I’ve yet to share how I take care of my shoes!  So here it is, my 3-step shoe care guide:

1. Protect the soles!  After I prance around in my new shoes for a day or two, my first stop is the shoe repair shop to add a thin rubber coating to the sole.  (And of course red ones for Louboutins!)  This $19 investment is a one time deal, I’ve never had to replace it.  Added bonus: it’s more comfortable to walk in afterwards, especially if it originally has a very thin sole.

If you’re in SF, I highly recommend Joe at 441A Stockton Street near Union Square – I’ve been a longtime loyal customer.  Great service at a great price!!

2. Replace the heel tips – often!  As soon as there is a peep of metal exposed on the very tip of my heel, I run to Joe and spend $8 to replace the tips.  With all of the hills around San Francisco, unfortunately this means I’m running up quite a tab for the tips.  But this is how I’m able to wear shoes for years and years (my work-essential nude Louboutins are nearly 4 years old!).

3. And finally: comfort is key.  Shoes don’t last (regardless of how well you take care of them) if they never make it past the break in period because you can’t bear to walk in them!  I used to be a huge fan of Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts until I tried foam pads courtesy of Stiletto Hardware (my favorites are the Ultra Slender Ball-of-Foot cushions).  They’re amazing!

What do you do to take care of your shoes?  Please share in the comments!