Vintage Leopard Coat

February 16, 2011
Vintage Leopard Coat – my mom’s closet

A few years ago my mom showed me this coat and I smiled politely but thought I could never wear it.  Well, I have definitely learned my lesson by now: never say never.  Because now I blog daily, I rock skinny jeans, my cropped boyish trousers put a smile on my face rather than a wrinkle on my nose, I crave leopard everything and I actually own a polka-dotted skirt!  Certainly if I had a crystal ball a few years ago I would not have conceived of all that! 😉

I love that I can have fun with fashion, take risks and let my clothing do the talking for me.  And what, exactly, is this coat trying to convey, you ask?  It’s saying: I dare you. =)